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Thank you, Mark.  I received the pendant today and it’s just as I thought it would be. Your work is exceptional and I’m really proud to have my wife wear your jewelry.

This is going to be extra special because last Friday Joan passed out and fell. I took her to the ER and they quickly admitted her and the short story is her blood pressure was going down and her breathing was very difficult. By 7:00 that evening she was in intensive care with several IV’s in her with 3 very strong antibiotics and two blood pressure meds. I went home thinking she will be better tomorrow, but at 10PM that night I was called by the DR in charge and he asked if I had power of attorney and end of life instructions. He suggested that I come spend the night with my wife because he wasn’t sure if she would make it to see the morning. Needless to say what was going through my mind. Cancel the pendant, call a funeral parlor, make arrangements. I wasn’t ready for all that. But the good news is at 6AM the DR’s came in to see her and she looked better. Her vital signs were improving and by the end of the day, they were saying that she was a miracle. She’s home now and resting well and getting better each day. It was a combination of 5 days straight of Radiation Therapy, low blood pressure, pneumonia, and low hemoglobin.

All’s well now and she will be thrilled to wear her new necklace and pendant. THANKS AGAIN.


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