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Congratulations Amy and Gary!

“When Gary & I arrived at Arthur’s Jewelers on Saturday afternoon for the Diamond and Bridal Event, I knew I wanted to see your collection right away! I had spent a lot of time admiring your work on-line, and was especially intrigued by the two-toned pieces.  They caught my eye immediately on-line, but in person…frankly, I fell in love!  When Tom, our salesman, mentioned that you could make the ring exactly the way I wanted it – it was all over!

Getting to meet and talk with you, and celebrate our purchase was icing on the cake.  We are very excited to see (and show off!!) the finished product, and will get you a photo as soon as the ring comes in.

We are waiting to tell our friends and family that our engagement is “official” until we have the ring, it’s the hardest surprise that I’ve ever had to keep secret!  It will be so much fun to be able to show off your work and rave about it to everyone that notices the ring!

Waiting (not so) patiently for you to work your magic,”


Amy and Mark Silverstein at Arthurs Jewelers Engagement Ring Event

Amy with designer Mark Silverstein

Paloma by Mark Silverstein Imagines

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