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Gossamer Collection

GatheRings Collection

The Gossamer collection is one very near and dear to the designer’s heart. Mark truly believes in every facet of the Gossamer story, which says that everyone is connected by one of the most delicate things on earth, the Gossamer thread. This metaphorical thread is said to be as thin as a spider’s silk, which during the relationship building process can be easily broken, or if properly nurtured, can be strengthened into a resilient steel cable. This translates into very feminine jewelry designs, garlanded by the wispy metal stands and encrusted with sparkling diamonds. This delicate ornamentation resembles a dew drenched moonlit web, much like the Gossamer thread. GatheRings is a wonderful collection of stackable bands by designer Mark Silverstein. Fun shapes and a variety of colors afford you the opportunity to create a unique arrangement just for you. Add pieces to your collection, blend them with your rings or simply wear them alone. Imagine intermingling them between bands of diamonds for that gorgeous fashion ring look. (our 1031 is perfect for that!) Tons of possibilities…start ‘GatheRing’ today!

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